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I am an Overcomer

In my life I have faced many challenges and still face them even at this very moment. When I was a baby, just a few months old, I was in a car accident with my mom. Glass from the windshield cut my face up and today those scars are still there. As a child I was ashamed of those scars and thought I was ugly. With time I realized how blessed and favored I am and know that I am beautiful inside and out.

Knowing that I went through something like this as a child and survived makes me incredibly grateful to God. The enemy has been trying to take me out, but thanks be unto God I am still here! I keep fighting! I keep going because I am an overcomer! That is my life’s affirmation!

Just like the Christ that’s in me have overcomed, so have I, and so have you! John 16:33 tells us that we are going to have tribulations. Tribulations come in many forms: sickness, afflictions, suffering, pain, setbacks, trauma, and grief. I’ve experienced them all. But with every tribulation I have peace in Jesus. I have become stronger for the fight! I realized that those tribulations were preparing me for the preacher that God has called me to be. Those tribulations are preparing me to reach the world.

As a child I was diagnosed with Juvenile arthritis and Osteoarthritis of my knees. At the age of 15 I underwent my first knee surgery. At the time I was a Christian, and my faith was in the Lord. I was so happy to give my life to God at the age of 14. I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but God has forgiven me, and His grace was sufficient to carry me through. God never stops loving us when we mess up.

I have become so aware of the strength that God has placed on the inside of me. This strength is pushing me to be all that God has called me to be. This strength gives me the confidence I need to reach the broken, the oppressed, the lost, the blind, and hurting souls. I’m going to keep on fighting with this fight that’s in me. I am going to continue to give the devil a migraine headache because I am an overcomer and that is what we do.

By: Minister Shaquatta Edgar

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